Hi, Iโ€™m Sam ๐Ÿ‘‹

Here are my Current Clients๐Ÿ‘‡

Marketing Today with Alan Hart


September 2022 - Present

For Alan, I handle post-production, encompassing everything after the recording is complete. Upon receiving the raw files and editing notes, I coordinate with the editor, oversee revisions as necessary, and prepare blog-style show notes and episode titles. Then, I upload it all to the hosting platform and set mid-roll ad times. Additionally, I curate and schedule blog posts on WordPress and LinkedIn Newsletters.

I am also responsible for creating graphics, such as website banners and social assets, alongside producing audiograms for social media. I craft all social media copy and schedule posts across X, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Learn From People Who Lived It


July 2022 - Present

For Matthew, I oversee guest management and the creation of show notes. This involves handling all aspects of outreach, screening, and booking, alongside managing reminders and follow-up communication. Additionally, I craft episode titles and produce blog-style show notes, complete with links to referenced resources.

I Needed That


January 2024 - Present

For this show, I am responsible for overseeing and executing our short- and long-term goals. While the following provides an overview of my responsibilities, it does not encompass everything. Basically, if it's essential for the show's operation and growth, I handle it.

I spearheaded a brand refresh, incorporating a new tagline, show description, artwork, and a refined approach to episodes and interviews, aimed at resonating more deeply with our newly identified target audience.

In addition to strategic management, I manage all aspects of guest bookings, including topic identification and interview preparation. I also handle booking our hosts, Chris and Mathew, on other shows by compiling leads, creating outreach materials, and managing schedules.

Following recording and audio editing, I create episode titles and write detailed show notes with relevant resource links. Then, I upload content to our podcast hosting platform and website, which I have also built and managed.

For each episode, I create social media assets, craft copy, and schedule posts on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Additionally, I manage the inboxes and comments for each platform.

Furthermore, I lead weekly team meetings to analyze episode performance, discuss upcoming plans, and assign action items to help us achieve our short- and long-term objectives.

Chris Powell Media


March 2024 - Present

Chris and I collaborated to develop a social media strategy, which I help to execute by creating graphics, writing copy, and scheduling posts.

And this is some of what I do for them ๐Ÿ‘€